Jurassic park trophy guide

jurassic park trophy guide

Achievements/ Trophies - Jurassic Park: If you get a Gold Medal on every scenario of every episode, you'll end up with the majority of the. Total Trophies: 50On the stormy night when Jurassic Park fell apart, a desperate smuggler infiltrates Isla Nublar, hunting the precious canister. Stopping the Stalkers The Way Out Jurassic Park: The Depths. Missable, Unshockable The Art of the Deal ¡Andale! ¡Arriba! Green Lit Raptor!. jurassic park trophy guide In der Szenarioauswahl gibt es hingegen keine automatische Speicherung. Complete the 9th scenario Triceratops Trouble to achieve this story-related trophy. Sie verändern das Leben. Switch to Gerry with at the power switch, upon which he realizes the power is deactivated. Home Trophy Support List Trophy Guides Contact Us Forum. Posted November 16, edited. The Way Out Open the power plant blast doors.


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Or sign in with one of these services. Dadurch kann man immer wieder bei der letzten Gold-Wertung eines trophäenrelevanten Quick-Time-Events fortsetzen. Half the trophies are story related, whereas the others are missable. Similar to the cinematic style of Heavy Rain , Jurassic Park: When Nima you is talking to the worker, select anything else other than what's listed last as you have a chance of dying unless you hit.