Sudoku jigsaw

sudoku jigsaw

Jigsaw Sudoku: 4x4: Easy 5x5: Easy Hard 6x6: Easy Hard 7x7: Easy Med Hard 8x8: Easy Med Hard VHard 9x9: Easy Med Hard VHard Extreme 12x Easy. Colorful Flash-based 4x4, 6x6 and 9x9 Sudoku games. Includes easy, medium and hard levels. Also suitable for kids and Sudoku beginners!. The Daily Jigsaw Sudoku puzzle by Andrew Stuart. This Jigsaw Sudoku can be completed directly on the web page - just enter numbers in the. sudoku jigsaw Fill in all the blocks with according to the following rules: Sudoku jigsaw Sudoku - Difficult - Set 2. This was to put in some variation in the board map. All text is copyright and for personal use only but may be reproduced with the permission of the author. If you have downloaded and printed a puzzle, and it is different to the one there now, then you will have to redo the puzzle.


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